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BestAngle Consulting Group offers contract software development, enterprise architecture, engineering management, product management, and marketing services to help your team deliver, increase revenue and build customer loyalty. 

IT Assessment and Guidance

Private Equity firms use us to assess the overall capabilities and risks of technology companies. We can assess your situation and provide recommendations for improvement and risk reduction.

Software Architecture

With a broad background in distributed systems, focused on web-based applications, we can help design and implement a full stack, performant, maintainable application, using proven but modern open source technologies.

Systems Architecture

We use our experience designing distributed, multi-tier systems, including public and hybrid cloud to provide the infrastructure for new or existing applications. We use cost-effective hardware/cloud/VM components.

Systems Transformation

Use our extensive experience in migrating large and small systems to migrate your existing systems to newer technology in a safe, incremental manner, with minimal downtime.

Team Building

Our success in building many teams, some from scratch, combined with our large network of connections, can help you find the right talent.

Agile Transformation

As long time practioners of flexible and non-dogmatic Agile and XP techniques, we can improve your development cycle times and velocity.